"There is a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in." - Cohen


People often seek the support of a coach in response to a specific event: a recent promotion; a return to work; a new job with a bigger team; a restructure; a redundancy; an early retirement. At other times people are anticipating change and want a coach to help them to work out how to navigate a new path.


Typically I coach mid-career leaders and managers wanting to develop their own personal style which feels authentic to them and gives them inner confidence and balance.  I have worked with a wide range of people from all sectors – commercial, charity, not-for-profit – based in different parts of the world.


A key focus is the exploration of tensions between self and behaviour, role and key objectives. Together we examine and think about underlying factors which may be preventing them from fulfilling their potential and enjoying all aspects of their life more fully.


Working in a calm, confidential space with time to explore and reflect on work related issues gives clients an opportunity to see things from a different perspective.


I use a variety of different ways to encourage open discussion and thought-provoking observations. This can be done face to face or online depending on timing and location.


Usually I work with clients for ten hours over a period of six to twelve months.  I like to get to know the whole person to help them identify what drives them in both positive and negative ways. It’s often the unconscious drivers that are the most revealing in helping us to understand our behaviour in the workplace.


With UK based clients we often combine a coaching session with a walk in nature. This has some of the benefits of Forest bathing which is the practice of immersing yourself in nature in a mindful way, using your senses to derive a whole range of benefits for your physical, mental, emotional, and social health. It is also known as Shinrin-yoku. ‘Shinrin’ means forest and ‘Yoku’ bathing.  Sometimes we can more easily access unconscious behaviours and beliefs when we are relaxed and inspired by nature.


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My Coach Moyra

"Moyra supported my journey and transition from one role to the next in a structured, calm, non-judgemental way, which was hugely beneficial. She helped me to assess my strengths and weaknesses as well as highlight and challenge me on thoughts and behaviours that no longer serve me."

Communications Specialist, International Charity
"The coaching sessions have been invaluable for my development as a manager and a leader, the most useful and impactful programme I have ever participated in.

I would recommend Moyra to anyone looking to grow in their careers and management, whilst also learning a little more about themselves in the process."

Senior Marketing Executive, Global Technology Company
"I feel like after coaching with Moyra my brain patterns physically changed. I thought differently. I felt I had more ‘tools in my belt’ to process information and had my ‘glasses cleaned’ to see everything much more clearly.

Since coaching with Moyra I feel finally, after a decade, that I can hear the true intentions of my team. This has allowed me to make better decisions. Most of all it has made me fall in love again with the company I started 10 years ago."

Managing Director / Founder, Luxury Brand Company
"Moyra was a breath of fresh air. She helped me at a really tough time, starting a new role in difficult circumstances. Moyra helped me identify the blocks I was putting in my own way! I now have a far better understanding of my triggers and my reactions – I see when they are happening and I am able to put the situation into perspective.

Thank you Moyra for giving me the space to step back - analyse, understand and grow!"

Head of Marketing and Communications, UK National Charity
"Moyra’s manner is calm, insightful and challenging all at the same time! Moyra responded flexibly to changing external circumstances during our coaching period and adapted the content of our sessions to take this into account.

Thanks to my sessions with Moyra, I have a better understanding of myself and my ‘sticking points’, strategies to help overcome them and clear goals for my immediate future that I am excited about exploring."

Founder Business Consulting Company
My sessions with Moyra have helped me navigate a complicated point in my career. I really enjoyed the varying formats of our sessions- which included walks in the park, virtual and in person meet ups. I found Moyra's approach to have the right balance between empathy, perception and challenge. The process has given me clarity and helped me to recognise my priorities and strengths. I would highly recommend Moyra!

Senior Executive, International Think Tank
"I was hesitant about undertaking coaching, as I had no prior experience of the process. However Moyra came highly recommended to me at a time when I was starting a new leadership role.

Her coaching came just in time. Moyra has given me the tools to approach the challenges of my new position, whilst remaining true to my instincts and personality. After my sessions with Moyra I feel equipped to grow into my new role and confident that I can face whatever may come my way."

Queen’s Counsel Barrister, London
"I've really appreciated our time together. You've helped me through one of the most difficult periods in my career, and have given me tools to regain my confidence, my sense of purpose and fun. After our last session I said to someone, "things at work are good, I'm happy." It was a small statement, but it dawned on me that it was the first time since arriving that I was able to say and feel that. A milestone for sure."

Chief Executive, Performing Arts
"Our coaching sessions have been incredibly valuable to me and while they have been challenging, I was grateful for your non-judgemental and calm directing as we worked through things together. It is hard to open up and to be vulnerable and takes a great deal of trust - so thank you for being someone I could trust."

Strategy and Fundraising Consultant, Charities
Take the first step….email moyra@mycoachmoyra.com